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Send Your Mass Photos and Praises

NEW under "The Fans" is where I'll can post your Photos and/or Praises to the band. Just email them to


"Huh?" you're saying... Well, there is only one of me and so many more of you. So chances are if I take some cool pictures, then some of you must have a few equally cool (if not cooler!) pictures you've taken yourself. If that's the case, you can send me a copy and I'll post it for everyone to check out!

Here's what I'll need you to do...

To get your photos on this website, I need the images to be .jpeg or .gif files. You can do any of the following and we'll be in business:

  • Take the photos with a digital camera.

  • Take the photos with a regular camera. Develop them. Scan them.

  • Take the photos with a regular camera. Develop them and request them on a disk too. Save the image files to your computer.

Once you get your images ready, attach them to an email and send it to with a brief description (who, what, where, or when). Then I'll do my part to get them online!


Same thing goes for your stories and comments about the shows and band. Let's sing their praises. We are the Believers afterall. So what are you waiting for? Drop me a line at

Thanks in advance for everyone who shares with the MassBelievers website!

Important: The MassBelievers webmaster reserves the right to determine whether content is appropriate for this fan site.

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