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About This Site

Welcome to the MASS fan site!

For those who don't know, MASS is the rock band and the MassBelievers are the fans... those who believe in the band and their music.

As the Believers, we devote ourselves to the MASS principles of peace, love, and the rockin' way of life. This site provides the most up-to-date information on the band, the music, the shows, and also the fans! MASSBelievers everywhere should think of this as their site too. Send your stories, comments, and photos of the band. Together, we are the MASS family... so let's keep in touch.

Here's a quick run down of what you'll find on this site:

  • Member Profiles
    This page links you to fact sheets about the band members. By the way, Thanks guys!

  • History
    This page is your MASS history lesson in a nutshell.

  • Albums
    This page links to the recording details and track listing for each album.

  • Next Show-Details
    This page is where you'll find info on the next gig.

  • Show Pics
    These pages contain photos from the live shows. If you have your own pictures, send them to be posted! For more informtion, click here.

  • Guestbook
    This is where I want you to leave your mark as a true MassBeliever.

  • Fan Links
    This page is where to find other fan sites and other favorite links on the web.

  • Book the Band
    This page provides information on booking the band for a show.

Much THANKs to the band for their contributions to this web site. Let's face it. It wouldn't be all that exciting without them!

A super-duper special thanks to Cindy Morris for creating this site (and for answering all my HTML questions LOL!)...this site wouldn't be possible without you!!!

And hey, thank YOU for checking out the site! I hope you'll find the time to visit often. (Yah, I know. Already with the guilt...)

If you have any issues or suggestions for the site, contact the MassBeliever webmaster.